About Us

The Khina Tikima Culler Foundation and the face of Khina Culler, Khina's Voice, derived from the home-going of Khina Culler.

Loving mother, sister, and daughter Khina Culler always kept a smile on the faces around her. Her personality was one of gold; a comical, vibrant, generous, Angel on Earth.

She was tough; she always appeared so strong as she carried the weight of a heavy secret.

We remember her by her adoring three children, fond family, and her soon to be released documentary covering her beginning and last days, Remember Khina Culler. Premieres are to be held for several Florida and Georgia audiences. 

Domestic violence, gun violence, and mental health are conversations we have been avoiding for a very long time. We aim to not only encourage those uncomfortable conversations, but to share how violent relationships can end, confusion, broken hearts, trauma, etc. 

Join us on our journey to reaching a mass majority to embolden that victim to wake up, walk out of the door, and never look back. 

Pre-Screening at Mt. Tabor in Altemonte Springs was a success! We plan to continue to have more nights like this one and even more impactful.

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